Pilot Grant Program

The Center on Aging sponsors an annual pilot grant program to promote the development of aging research at the University of Utah. The goal of this program is to encourage the development of new investigators, attract established investigators to aging research, and stimulate interdisciplinary research collaborations ultimately leading to new externally funded research.

Since the Center began an annual pilot grant program in 2006, 120 applications (representing 108 unique investigators due to re-submissions) have been reviewed and, of these, 39 have been funded. A total of $1.0M has been invested in this program.

Over this nine year span, fifteen pilot grants have led to new externally funded grants totaling $17,000,000 annual direct costs in 2016. They are:

  1. NIA R01 (Donato)
  2. AHRQ K08 (LaFleur)
  3. NIDCD R01 (Lucero)
  4. NEI R01 (Vetter)
  5. NIA R21 (Zick)
  6. NIA R21 (Zimmer)
  7. NIA K23 Beeson (King)
  8. NHLBI R01 (Wray)
  9. NHLBI R01 (Amann)
  10. NHLBI R01 (Soorappan)
  11. NIA R21 (Donato)
  12. NIA R01 (Duff)
  13. NLM R01 (del Fiol)
  14. NIA R03 (Drummond)
  15. NIA R01 (Rondina)

Please see the current awardees and previous recipients pages.