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How to Join

There are now over 220 faculty members of the Center on Aging. Membership and active participation helps accomplish our objective of expanding the visibility of aging research and growth across the University of Utah.

Application Process & Requirements

  • Primary membership is open to University of Utah faculty.*
  • Submit a letter requesting membership and include your curriculum vitae.
  • The letter should briefly outline your research or other academic interest in aging.
  • Include at the end of the letter a signature line for your department chair or Dean below the statement “I acknowledge and support [insert name]'s request for membership in the Utah Center on Aging.” Obtain this signature before submitting the letter.
  • Sign the letter and obtain your department chair or Dean's signature.
  • Membership requests will be reviewed and decided on by the CoA Steering Committee. Membership status will be reviewed every three years to ensure the member's participation in the CoA and their academic interests warrant continued membership.
  • Send your letter and curriculum vitae to

*Membership is also open to U of U students and non-U of U faculty

Please send a cover letter and CV by email to requesting review for a "student membership" or an "affiliate membership". 

Expectations of Members

  • Actively support and participate in Center-sponsored research seminars and an annual research retreat;
  • Engage in discussion regarding the creation of new, collaborative research programs;
  • Provide information concerning their aging-related publications, research grants, and research training activities to the Center on an annual basis;
  • Identify the CoA in publications and research presentations.

Benefits to Members

  • Interact in an environment that will support and foster interdisciplinary research in aging;
  • Eligibility for the CoA sponsored research pilot grant program;
  • Provide administrative and some statistical support for CoA-related grant submissions.
Last Updated: 6/9/21