2013 Pilot Grant Recipients

The Center on Aging Steering Committee received 19 pilot grant application submissions this year. It was a difficult challenge selecting from this group of meritorious projects. We are pleased to announce the following recipients awarded funding for the 2013 year, along with the titles of their proposals:

1. Lisa Cannon-Albright, PhD - Genetic Epidemiology: "Informative linkage analysis of extended longevity pedigrees in Utah"

2. Margaret (Meg) DeAngelis, PhD - Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences: "Elucidating functional mechanisms in the normal aging retina and AMD"

3. Linda K. Edelman, PhD - College of Nursing: "Utilizing space-time paths to study triage patterns of older adult trauma care"

4. Matthew Rondina, MD - Internal Medicine: "Platelets: Unexamined Contributors to Immunosenescence"

5. Ming Wen, PhD - Sociology - "Filial Piety and Health of Older Adults in China: A Mixed-Method Study"

To read the abstracts of these proposals, please visit our Current Pilot Grant Page.

To learn more about these awards, please visit the Pilot Grant Program Page.